New Music: Wyld Kyle (of Jagged Edge) - Get It Out the Mudd

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Jagged Edge has been busy this year, releasing their new album A Jagged Love Story (you can check out our review of the album) which featured the fire song Seasons of Us. Despite that massive album keeping them busy, it seems Wyld Kyle had some time on his hands to release a solo song, "Get It Out The Mudd."

When you think of solo efforts from Jagged Edge, Kyle Norman's definitely not who you would think of. The Casey twins regularly serve as the lead vocalists while Kyle focuses his efforts on adding falsetto to the tracks. Nevertheless, it seems he had something to say, and dang it is not what you would expect.

Get It Out The Mudd has punch. This is not a track for falsetto, as Kyle showcases a more gravelly delivery. The track is much more bluesy or soul in its style, a sharp departure compared to Jagged Edge's uptempo ballads. But after Jagged Love Story's repetitiveness and lack of originality, this is a great treat.

Overall, the track hasn't had much coverage, with only 195 views since Wyld Kyle put it out on YouTube in late August. Check it out and give some support for Kyle and his new track. It's great hearing someone pack so much emotion into their track, especially when they're often in the background of their groups. The track is a bit too repetitive to me, but it makes up for it with spirit. Let us know what you think, and if you would like to see Jagged Edge offer up some tracks like this.

If you like this, check out Kyle's other tracks "Judy" and "Colors."