Viva Mas releases a brilliant arrangement of Overjoyed

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Viva Mas has released a new track, as the group did an acapella arrangement of Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed. It's an awesome track and a great introduction to a cool, throwback R&B group to those who haven't been exposed to them before. Highly recommend you check it out below.

For the uninitiated, Viva Mas is a soul and R&B group based out of Philadelphia. The group has strong Latin roots with many of its members coming from Puerto Rico, and the group's name being Spanish itself. The group is comprised of five members now, Eddie, Raul, Mike, Eric, and Shawn.

Of special note, is "Shawn" who is Shawn Rivera from the group Az Yet. Shawn was a new addition to Viva Mas in 2020, and he's already leaving a big imprint on the group. For those familiar with Az Yet, Shawn Rivera was the member of the group that created the arrangement of Hard to Say I'm Sorry that proved to be a big hit for the group. At the time, Shawn had made a follow-up arrangement which the group was never able to use. That arrangement had been unheard, until today. Put simply, this arrangement of Overjoyed was made by Shawn Rivera for Az Yet but is now finally seeing the light here by Viva Mas.

The song is great to listen to as these guys are a classic acapella group. They have beautiful voices that blend well together and really cover the range. They take a nice slow delivery on Overjoyed that lets you sit and appreciate each note as it hits you.

Overall, this is some classic music done exceptionally well. I'm not familiar with Viva Mas, but seeing the work they're putting out and knowing that Shawn Rivera is now involved has me excited to hear more from them. Check out Overjoyed below, and let us know if you are familiar with the group!