New Video: Toni Braxton - Gotta Move On

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Toni Braxton has been busy promoting her album Spell My Name. The first single from the album was the infectious Dance. Now, she's back wih a new music video for the single "Gotta Move On." The video is directed by Mike Ho, with Natasha Marc and Corey Calliet playing the lead roles.

The production on the video is pretty solid, as the video looks like a short film in its presentation. It features the lead woman in the video getting frustrated with the way her man is constantly falling short. The video is emotional as the woman pushes herself to extremes to get over her frustrations. At the same time, Toni Braxton is in a black space singing the song. H.E.R. makes an appearance to perform her signature guitar riff from the track.

We wrote about the single Gotta Move On when the single was released. The track is great, with such a haunting style to the delivery. H.E.R.'s guitar riff has enough punch on its own to feel like a verse, and that's showcased in the music video where it feels like that's the moment of revelation.

You can check out our review of the album Spell My Name on the album's page. Overall, it was a great, if short album and Gotta Move On was one of the highlights of the album. Watch the video below and let us know what you think.