New Music: Dave Koz ft Brian McKnight - Summertime in New York City

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Brian McKnight has been all in on collaborating with jazz artists this year. Earlier this month, we reported that he collaborated with Mike Phillips on a jazz cover of the song Watching You. Now, we have a collaboration with Dave Koz on a new song, "Summertime in New York City."

Unlike "Watching You," "Summertime in New York City" is an original track. Written and recorded during the pandemic, this song was an attempt to capture the feeling of New York during the Summer. Though since the video was made during the pandemic, it's quite a different version of New York City than we might be used to. The video follows a woman going about her time during the pandemic, seeing quiet spaces, people wearing masks, and largely going about their business.

Also different than "Watching You," this song is much more a jazz song with appearances from Brian McKnight than a tried and true song by Brian McKnight. He sings the words Summertime in New York City as the chorus, but otherwise, he is much more of a supporting role. He puts in more leg work in the last minute of the track, but otherwise, it is the sounds of jazz through and through.

Overall, it has been fun these last few weeks seeing what jazz songs he will pop up on. His album Exodus came out in June and he seems to have opted to spend the time since then looking for jazz artists to team up with. Who do you think he will team up with next? Do you like these guest appearances or would you rather see McKnight stick to R&B?