New Video: Stokley - Vibrant

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R&B singer Stokley Williams, former lead singer of the R&B band Mint Condition put out a video for his newest single "Vibrant." The song features Snoop Dogg and is such a fun track, and the video matches the track every step of the way.

In interviews, Stokley described the song as having a roller skating vibe to it. Whether or not he had already made the video at the time, it feels like he decided to take that theme to heart as the video features Stokley singing in the middle of a roller rink. The video is fairly simple, largely featuring him standing in the rink singing, with intermixed shots of a few people skating around the rink or dancing. It's a fun light hearted video with a lot of bright colors to match the poppy feel.

The song has a similar fun feel to it. When Snoop Dogg and Stokley start skatting at the end, it feels like they're just there having a time together. The last track to really emulate this fun "vibrant vibe" to me is Pharrell's Happy. The track is versatile and could fit in any situation which should help it do well as it has begun climbing the charts.

The song is the second single by Stokley to be released off his upcoming album Sankofa. The previous single, "She" reached the top of the R&B charts so there is definitely a lot of interest out there for what Stokley is working on. He has yet to announce a date for the new album but we'll keep you updated as its release approaches.

Overall, it has been interesting watching Stokley's career post Mint Condition. I'm sad to see him go it alone as Mint Condition was such a classic R&B group. His first solo album, Introducing Stokley, didn't seem to catch on with the charts, but it feels like there's a lot more momentum this time. Watch the video for Stokley and Snoop Dogg's Vibrant and let us know if you are more excited this time around.