New Video: Stokley - Cascade featuring Bonfyre

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Recently we covered the new track by Stokley - Cascade featuring Bonfyre. And what usually follows when we get a new single release? A music video. So here we have the new music video for Stokley's Cascade.

The video is interesting. It starts out with some futuristic world with a house that can talk and respond to your commands, and a device that is used to erase memories. It has some heavy Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inspiration going on. As a logical blend with this, the video then shows a man reliving memories with the woman he is splitting from and how each of those memories is getting erased.

It is a cool concept video, but then it does get into the funky mix of random shots of Stokley and Bonfyre performing. First they are performing in a club, which blends with the video as this is the root of one of the memories. However, then it has them performing in some kind of warehouse with some crazy dancers around them. A cool visual for sure, but definitely seems independent of the theme of the music video.

Still, even of the video doesn't make complete sense, it's a fun video. Stokley's been on fire with these videos lately as the Vibrant music video was also fire, and full of fun. Stokley has always had a rich personality, going back to his Mint Condition days, and it continues to show here.

We talked about the song in the previous post, but it is a solid track. The chorus is catchy, and the song definitely leaves you bouncing your head. Bonfyre is a nice collaborator and seems like she's got a solid future ahead of her. The track is part of the continued promotion for the album Sankofa which is targeting a release on April 5, 2021. Continue to check back as we'll be sure to review the album upon its release. And of course, enjoy Stokley's music video for Cascade below!