New Music: Stokley (of Mint Condition) - Cascade

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This time of year is always quiet. We're watching tumbleweeds go by as people emerge from the holiday slumber. Christmas kept artists busy putting out new Christmas music, but we're not yet back into putting out new music yet. This break has given us time to start looking at our back catalogue and start reviewing more albums.

Fortunately, Stokley of Mint Condition saw this slowdown and has broken the silence. He partnered up with The Bonfyre to release a new single, Cascade. I'm not familiar with Bonfyre, but she's signed to L.A. Reid's Hitco and worked with Raphael Saadiq... so she's probably a name we're going to be seeing a lot more of around here.

In terms of the song, it's a fitting follow-up to Stokley's last track Vibrant with Snoop Dogg. Stokley is definitely pushing the uptempo, feel good sounds with all these songs. He knows what the world has been going through lately and is seeking to make things better for everyone with a light fun sound. It's a hopping track, which definitely will have you bobbing your head along to it.

Fitting with the title, the track features lots of water imagery. He wants the love to envelope the woman he loves, and if that doesn't work, the beat should do it. Bonfyre adds in with a smooth sounding voice that compliments the track nicely.

Overall, it's a good listen. Time will reveal if Stokley's got another video cooked up for us. Let's see if it does, and if it will be as fun as the roller rink shots in Vibrant. Let us know what you think of the song!