Song of the week: Solo - Blowin My Mind

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When it comes to 90s R&B men's groups, Boyz II Men was the archetype. When you look at many of the groups at the time, they feel like they looked at Boyz II Men and attempted to replicate the group. That's not to diminish those artists, groups like Az Yet, All-4-One and Shai had a ton of definitive tracks on their own. But because of this standardization, when an R&B group was able to distinguish itself, to truly be different, it's something to celebrate. Solo was just that.

When you watch performances by Solo, visually it's immediately obvious these guys are something different. After all, they've got a giant bass violin up on stage with them. They don't sing the slow ballads, they sing more of a funky uptempo jam. These guys hit you with such feeling, it's infectious.

To celebrate that, Solo's Blowin My Mind is our song of the week. The song isn't their definitive track, but it has such a punch to it that you listen and you find yourself in the shower hours later singing along to it.

Blowin My Mind showcases the group's versatility. All the guys are great singers, and they're also distinct singers. Their sound has this gravel-ness to it that just gives it something more.

Check out a live performance of Solo singing the song below. Or check out the pages on our site related to the song.

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