Dru Hill becomes Smoke N Black Dragon

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The Ship of Theseus is a thought experiment on identity. If you replace every piece of a ship over time, is this new ship the same as the original ship? If you take all of the old pieces and later on, can reassemble it, is that ship also the original ship?

Over the years, Dru Hill has pushed this question into the R&B world. The group has gone through a number of iterations over the years:

First, Sisqo, Woody, Jazz, and Nokio.

Then Woody left, and Scola was added.

Then Woody came back.

Then Woody left again and Tao was added, but then Scola was also removed.

Then Jazz left the group and Smoke and Black from the R&B group Playa joined the group.

Then Tao left the group.

After that wild ride, the group known as Dru Hill had now become comprised of Sisqo, Smoke and Black. A point in time where is the group more Playa than Dru Hill?

Dru Hill seemed to struggle with the definition of their identity here as well, as the group has now changed its name to become a new entity altogether. The new group, is Smoke N Black Dragon. They have teased an upcoming single, Ride 4 Me.

IF you're interested in hearing more of what the new group might sound like, you can check out their song What You Need which came out earlier this year. And if you want to hear more from the group, they are crazy active on Facebook and Instagram. Check out the group's page where you can follow their live chats.