New Video: Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill - All Mine

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It's been almost fifteen years since Ralph Tresvant's last solo album, Rizz-Wa-Faire. As he prepares to release his long-awaited return, we're given a taste with the new single All Mine.

All Mine released on July 3rd, and we're now getting a video to go along with the track. The song is a follow-up collaboration between former New Edition bandmates Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill. In 2019, they released Perfect on Johnny Gill's Game Changer II album and saw a great deal of success. Can they replicate it here?

With All Mine, the roles are reversed from their previous record. Now, Ralph is taking the lead while Johnny is supporting on the chorus. The chorus is a bit underwhelming, as it's just the words All Mine repeated again and again. Nevertheless, the song has a strong summer feel to it and I can definitely see it being added to the rotation in my car.

The song was written by Francesca Francci Richard, Jeffrey Brent Anderson, Sean Tsai and Gregg Pagani and produced by Gregg Pagani. The video was directed by Dale Resteghini. The video is all about the summertime, with Ralph and Johnny enjoying the beach scene.

Reflecting on the song, Ralph Tresvant sees it as a callback. The record serves to show that grown folk music still has a place out there when it comes with the right production and talent. Lets see what you guys think of that. Check out the new music video for All Mine below.