New Video: Omarion - Mutual

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Omarion released a new album earlier this year with The Kinection. The album didn't make much of a blip on the charts, but that hasn't stopped Omarion from continuing to put out music videos to help promote the record. The newest track to receive support is Mutual.

Similar to the other videos from the album, this one features two separate threads. In one, we see Omarion dancing alone on a stage. In the other segment, we see him in sensual positions with a woman. At the end, the two threads come together as we learn that this experience is the fantasy of a woman in the audience at his show. The video isn't particularly interesting, with the most engaging part to me being the outlandish dance moves Omarion does on stage.

As for the song, it's a sensual number that hits a lot of the right notes. Vocally I'm not all that impressed by Omarion, but the track has a surreal feel to it. It's an engaging listen that I could definitely see adding to playlists, just probably not putting it at the top of them.

Prior to this video, we have covered a number of promotional singles from the album. We covered the release of Can You Hear Me? and Involved. You can also check out the video for Do You Well. Regardless of your thoughts of Omarion, you have to give him credit for pushing the album as hard as he has.

Let us know what you think of the track, and if you've listened to The Kinection.