New Album: Omarion - The Kinection

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The last month has felt like an eternity of teasers, but Omarion has finally released the new album. The Kinection is out now, in stores and available for streaming.

The promotion for the album has featured several catchy tracks and their videos. Just last week, we featured the track "Involved." At the time, I thought the track was fine, but I swear I can't get it out of my head. Listen to it at your own risk!

The other big single from the album came out this summer, with Can You Hear Me? A dance heavy track, the video featured dance crews from across the country. The song features T-Pain and is another banger that will see heavy rotation.

Even though Involved came out last week, Omarion can't be stopped. He put out another track from the album just two days ago, releasing Mutual. The song features Wale and is a more subdued track compared to the previous two. Check it out at the bottom.

Overall, it's looking like a solid album from Omarion. We're hoping to review it in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back to see what we think. You can see our thoughts on the album's page for Omarion's The Kinection.