New Video: Omarion - Involved

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Earlier this week we featured Omarion's new single, "Involved". As he continues to promote his upcoming album, Kinection, Omarion has released the music video to accompany the track.

The video showcases Omarion as he struggles with a relationship that has taken too strong a hold on him. Shots of him cuddling on a couch with a girl who grows increasingly frustrated by him, then a party where she is disappointed by the lavish gift he gave her, and finally concluding as he moves on from the relationship. Intermixed with the scenes of the relationship are clips showcasing Omarion dancing amidst flashing lights. It's always great to see Omarion let loose and dance and he doesn't disappoint here.

The song itself is a strong single for the new album. Omarion delivers uptempo, choppy lyrics that have a lot of punch to them. Short, sharp lines like

I don't miss you
Kind of simple
But it's mental

These lines deliver a strong message of moving on from a relationship and freeing yourself to focus on the things you care about. With the album's intention of being autobiographical, it will be interesting to see what other kind of tracks we hear from Omarion and how well we can match them to events from his life.

Thus far, between this song and Can You Hear Me, this album is likely to be a great listen that will get you off your feet. Anyone else excited to hear what Omarion's got cooked up for us?