New Video: Omarion - Can You Hear Me?

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Omarion has released a video for his collaboration with T-Pain, Can You Hear Me? The single was released in February with the intention of promoting his upcoming album, Passport, but due to the pandemic, significant promotion was put on hold.

The marketing campaign has finally resumed, as he released a video for the song featuring collaborations with dance crews from across the country. The intro to the video credits the dance community with their work to create this video and that this was a production they did independent of him. Potentially because of this, the video is minimalistic in its presentation. That's by no means a criticism though as it enables the dancers to show off their talents and actually works well compared to overwhelming visual stimulus.

The performances of the dancers compliment the fun style of the song. With its high tempo and an almost staccato like delivery by Omarion, Can You Hear Me lends itself well to dance along to. Since his time as part of B2K with electric albums like Panedmonium!, and his beginnings as a solo artist, Omarion has consistently put out songs that are great to move to.

I hope Can You Hear Me is able to get the promotion for Passport back on track. I liked his debut album, O, a lot, and would love to see him get some recognition with the newer work. Check out the video for Omarion's Can You Hear Me below and let us know what you think.