Song of the week: N-Phase - Spend the Night

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N-Phase is one of those 90s R&B groups that had such potential but ultimately ended up being one and done. Their self-titled debut album, N-Phase, came out in 1994, and featured production by R. Kelly, but ultimately wasn't enough to get a second album to materialize.

N-Phase was a quintet, made up of Melvin Baxter, Tevlin Williamson, Marlon davis, Al Boyd and Donnie Mayes. The group was most well known in their local areas, centering around South Carolina and the Washington D.C. area. The group straddled the line between hip-hop and R&B as their songs spanned both styles.

For our song of the week, we decided to feature the group's song "Spend the Night." Written and Produced by R. Kelly, the harmonies on the song give it an almost hypnotic, ghostly vibe. The song was the group's biggest hit as it reached #23 on the R&B charts.

The video for the song is very simple, featuring the five guys singing in a lounge space or bedroom. It appears that they're singing to a woman though she's almost always just outside the frame. The guys aren't providing much movement in the song, resorting instead to the classic 90s stand in place with a bit of a strut.

Overall, it's a fun song that shows the talent these guys had. It's great to listen to as these guys really had potential. If you haven't, check out the track, or some of their other great numbers like their other single Kiss and Say Goodbye, or Don't Hold Back.