New Video: Ne-Yo - U 2 Luv

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Ne-Yo released the video for his new single "U 2 Luv" featuring Jeremih. The song is a catchy, mid-tempo track with Jeremih providing support on the chorus as the guys tell their girl that they only want them to love.

Before we go any further though, is there something about roller skating rinks that I don't know about? We recently had Stokley's Vybin video featuring him and Snoop Dogg hanging out in a roller rink. Now, Ne-Yo is taking his wife there. Is the pandemic going to be the thing that kickstarts roller skating back into prominence?

Otherwise, the video is an intimate affair. It features Ne-Yo with his real life wife, Crystal Renay, spending some quality time alone at the aforementioned roller rinks. Meanwhile, Jeremih is spending the time alone with his girl at home. The video is sweet, playing up the intimate one on one time in a relationship.

Comedian Jess Hilarious also makes an appearance in the video for U 2 Luv, throwing out some jokes while working at the roller rink. It was an unexpected surprise, but it provided some fun mixed into an otherwise standard love song.

Overall, Ne-Yo is seemingly everywhere right now. He performed the National Anthem at the Celtics/Bucks NBA game last week. If you turn on your TV, you'll probably see him on NBC's World of Dance. And now he's hitting us back with what he does best. Great love songs. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about roller rinks!