New Music: Mya - I Deserve It

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Mya's continuing her year of self love. During the summer, she brought out Space and Time which had a therapeutic feel to it as she wandered a farm and sought peace of mind. Now she's back with "I Deserve It."

While both tracks are about the importance of taking care of yourself, they hit very different styles. Where Space and Time had a natural, slow feel to it, I Deserve it has a lot more production and electronic sound to it. Likely a sign of the different production as this track has Mya teaming up with MyGuyMars.

The track talks about a woman in a bad relationship who needs to move on from the man she's with and remember that she has self-worth. The message of the song is important and valuable. It's interestingly blended in with some party style messages, focusing on pouring shots. It makes the message of the song a bit confusing, a bit of a weaker version of Toni Braxton's Dance from her new Spell My Name album.

Frankly, I'd recommend a pass on this track. It's not all that catchy nor pleasant to listen to. I applaud the message, but the package could use some love. It's overly produced and just doesn't sound that good. Check it out for yourself below.