New Video: Monica - Trenches

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Brandy and Monica have always been tightly coupled in the R&B industry. They're mega hit together "The Boy Is Mine" and coming into the industry around the same time kept them tightly linked. This year they recognized it with their Verzuz battle. Now, the coupling becomes stronger as both women return after long breaks from R&B.

Brandy's new album B7 came out earlier this year. Monica originally was slated to have a new album, Trenches, in November, but it was delayed until some time next year. Still, Monica has begun production, releasing the music video for the title track Trenches.

Her first album since Code Red, it's exciting seeing Monica come out with new material. The first thing to catch your eye with Trenches is the shoutout to Goonica. Goonica is a nickname for Monica that her fans have given her based on her "tough girl" style and mannerisms. She embraces that image fully in the video, including shots of her in a balaclava and partaking in crime elements.

The song's theme deals with trying to pull someone out of the game but being haunted by it. It's a nice change of pace message for an R&B track and she delivers it well. The chorus is catchy and I enjoy the video. I saw some criticism around the web around the video and a dated feel as well as it's delay following the verzuz battle, but whatever. It's a decent song, the video has merit, and Monica's doing her thing. Gotta respect that.

Overall, it's great to see both Monica and Brandy continuing to bring out new music. Are you excited to see more from Monica? Check out the video below and let us know what you think!