Monica performs at Georgia Get Out the Vote Event

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The elections in Georgia happened yesterday (and already seem like they were a hundred years ago). To promote voting in the elections, Michelle Obama sponsored an event with musical guests to try and hype up the general public. And when music concerts come, there's often a solid R&B artist present at the event.

Monica gave a solid 10 minute performance at the show. While the vocals sometimes were hit or miss (due to whether more than anything else), that almost made the performance better as it showcased it was all real. No lip syncing here.

Unfortunately to me, the performance is interrupted by the DJ who seems to think it's his job to spike every line with hype. Listen DJs... we don't need this. The singer's got the talent on their own, let their vocals do the talking. Maybe a little at the start of a performance, or here or there between verses. But here it's practically every line. Give it up.

In her performance, Monica sang "Don't Take It Personal," "Anything to Find You," "Everytime the Beat Drop," "Before You Walk Out My Life," "Trenches" and "So Gone." She has her new album coming out in the next few weeks so this is part of her continued push to hype up the music and get audiences ready, similar to her recent performance at the Soul Train Awards.

We recently spotlighted the music video for Trenches. Monica has sounded great and it is awesome to see her back in the game. While some people didn't like the new video, we really enjoyed it and thought it had a lot of character to it. Are you excited for the return of Monica? Do you like these "get out the vote" concerts? Let us know your thoughts as you enjoy the video below!