New Music: Mary J Blige - See What You've Done

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Mary J Blige is back with a new track, "See What You've Done." She's been all in creatively recently, working on a new album for the first in three year and producing a documentary about her career. She's also re-releasing her album, My Life this month..

"See What You've Done" is intended as a companion to the new documentary, Belly of the Beast. Belly of the Beast is produced by PBS and is about a California clinic that was sterilizing women of color. It's a gut wrenching story, that follows how California prisons were conducting these practices, and the fight to put it to an end.

It's a disgrace this went on, and it's great to see Mary J Blige bringing her name and sound to help bring awareness to the project. The song has an effective blend of anger and sadness alongside a pounding beat. The lyrics hit hard, with lines like "When the world can decide if a caged bird flies or ever gets a chance to grow"

It's a great song and feels poignantly tied to the topic it covers. Mary J Blige still has got it and puts out a track that's a great listen, and very on point. Check it out below and check out the documentary when it comes out November 23rd.