New Music: Mariah Carey - Save the Day

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You ever wish you could wipe your memory and relive the great 90s R&B music again? Likely never to be possible, Mariah Carey is trying her best to give you a similar experience with her upcoming album, The Rarities.

The Rarities is due out October 2nd and is slated to feature a collection of unreleased tracks by Mariah Carey. If that weren't enough, the album will include a second cd containing the audio from her 1996 tour promoting the Daydream album. So if you also wish you could have gone to more concerts by these legendary acts, you can always close your eyes and pretend you were there for it.

Promoting the album, Mariah Carey has let us get a taste of what the album will feature with the new track "Save the Day." The track features production by Jermaine Dupri and has samples from The Fugee's "Killing Me Softly." Throughout the song you can hear Lauryn Hill's distinct voice providing backing vocals.

The song definitely fits with the classic 90s Mariah Carey style. I get a few vibes of Hero, or some of her more subdued songs in the opening vocals. It's not as polished as her big hits, but that probably fits given it's unreleased songs. My only complaint is the appearance of Jermaine Dupri at the first chorus. I don't need him jumping in to let us know he's working on the track. It just feels cheap.

I'm excited to see the new album from Mariah Carey and a chance to spot some of her unknown works. I've always thought Boyz II Men should do something similar as I love a lot of their unreleased work (Don't Know If I'll Be Around and their work with Yuki Koyonagi are great). Listen to the new old song by Mariah and let us know what you think!