New Album: Mariah Carey - The Rarities

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Mariah Carey seems to have chosen 2020, and particularly, October, as a chance to leave nothing hidden. She released a memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which is a reflection on her life and the struggles she faced growing up. The book digs into a lot of dark elements of her childhood, from her parents divorce when she was young, to dealing with poverty, to the struggle of being biracial.

More relevant to this site, she has a new album out, The Rarities. The album gives two sides to Mariah Carey's career. The first disc is a collection of unreleased tracks and b-side tracks from singles released over the years. The second disc is a live performance from her Daydream World Tour, featuring some of her biggest hits through the early 90s, including "Hero", "Fantasy", "Emotions", and "One Sweet Day."

The album's first single was Save the Day. The song features Lauryn Hill doing backing vocals and was originally written in 2011.

The rest of the first disc has songs from all over the place. There are three b-side tracks, "Do You Think of Me," "Slipping Away," and "Everything Fades Away," which were released with Dreamlover, Always Be My Baby and Music Box respectively. Of the unreleased songs, you'll see "All I Live" which was cut from Music Box, and "I Pray" was from 2005 and shows Mariah Carey in her most spiritual.

Overall, the album will likely sound dated some when compared to today's music. However, for fans of 90s R&B, the album is a rare treat as it enables us to hear more classic music from one of R&B's most talented divas. Mariah Carey was on GMA last month promoting the album, and we'll likely see her more as she promotes it and the book. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Here is the video for the concert from the Tokyo Dome.