Mariah Carey brings Vision of Love to GMA

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We recently covered Mariah Carey's upcoming album, The Rarities. The new album features a collection of unreleased tracks by the legendary singer, giving listeners a chance to relive her career and pretend we're back in the great period of 90s R&B.

Well, after listening to Mariah Carey's recent appearance on Good Morning America, it's great to hear that you don't need to go back to the old videos to hear her sounding good. Mariah Carey's still got it. On Good Morning America, Mariah Carey performed Vision of Love and Close My Eyes from her home.

The performance ofVision of Love was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the track from her self-titled debut album reaching #1 on the charts. She sounded great on the song, it's crazy to think we're hearing her perform it now 30 years after the fact. It could still be like listening to the record.

The second song she performed was Close My Eyes which was from her Butterfly album. I'm not as familiar with this song, but I really enjoy it. I do think this one showed a bit more of Mariah Carey's age, as I think the performance here came off sounding a bit more hoarse compared to the original. Still, a great performance to watch.

Overall, it's awesome to see how Mariah Carey continues to grow and bring great music to the world. We've included the two videos below, so if you missed the show you can still hear how she sounded. And of course, be sure to check The Rarities out when it releases on October 2nd.