New Video: Kem - Live Out Your Love

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Kem knocked it out of the park last year with his new album, Love Always Wins. The album was easily one of our favorites last year, showcasing classic R&B sounds with Kem's brilliant artistry.

The album isn't over yet though, as Kem has now released a music video to promote the single Live Out Your Love. While the single released was the version with Toni Braxton, the version that Kem released the video for is the version that just features him. It feels a little weird listening as I keep waiting for Toni's vocals to kick in, but alas, we just have Kem here.

The video is charming though as it features a couple dancing in a large empty hotel ballroom. Kem performs the song throughout their dance. It's a sweet video that blends well with his soft, melodic delivery.

While there are a number of Kem music videos, this is the first one from the new album. It's unfortunately likely a product of the album's timing, but we hope we'll see more videos for the album as time continues. In addition to this track, we loved Friend Today and Can't Stop Giving Love, so if Kem's taking requests, maybe do a video for one of those next?

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think. Did you enjoy the Love Always Wins album as much as we did? What single would you want to see next?