K-Ci Hailey releases powerful video for Jesus Saves

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K-Ci Hailey (of K-Ci and Jojo) has released an incredibly personal video for his new single Jesus Saves. The song is incredibly emotional, allowing K-Ci to showcase his vocal abilities while professing his faith.

The video opens with admission about his struggle with alcoholism and a stroke he suffered in 2018. It includes footage from his time in the hospital at his frailest, when K-Ci was lost and confused. In the text at the beginning of the video, it talks about K-Ci's difficulties recovering from the surgery, and how song helped him bring it back.

It's a touching video and kudos to K-Ci for being willing to make a video that's so personal. Intermixed in the video is footage from his recovery from the stroke, going through physical therapy. It brings a reality to the dark places he was in, that often get lost amidst the tabloids.

K-Ci said that in his recovery, he first found his voice through song before speaking. And the first song K-Ci sang? Jesus Saves.

Amazingly, this isn't the first time that K-Ci has released a performance of Jesus Saves. Going all the way back to 1984, he released an album with the song as part of Little Cedric and the Haileys.

In general, it seems like with his solo work lately, K-Ci Hailey has been striving to put out more introspective work. Between this and his earlier Tears in Heaven, it seems like K-Ci has become more grounded overall. I wish the best for him.