Song of the week: Jagged Edge - The Way That You Talk

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This week for our song of the week, we decided to go back to the debut album from Jagged Edge, A Jagged Era. The album's first single and their first apperance on the Hot 100, The Way That You Talk, is a fun track to reflect on and play back.

The song was a good introduction to Jagged Edge as it showcases a lot of the main themes of the group. Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat appear, reflecting Jagged Edge's tight coupling with hip hop artists on their tracks. However, it also features their classic vocals and smooth sounds that kept them firmly in the slow jam territory and distinguish them from the other R&B acts of the era.

Another great showcase of the song and the album as a whole is that the Casey twins were both were involved in writing the song (and nearly every other song on the album). Jermaine Dupri acted as producer on the song. Its performance on the charts was reasonable, peaking out at 34 on the R&B and hip-hop billboard charts.

The video for the song is okay, with most of it featuring the group and JD/Da Bart standing on spotlights and pianos in front of an impressive building. The other main shots in the video are a collection of dancers performing in front of a tunnel and the guys crooning in blue suits surrounded by motorcycles.

Overall, it's cool seeing Jagged Edge back at their roots as they've continued to put out consistent music for all these years. This year we've heard a lot of them, as we had their song "Seasons of Us" reaffirm the group's talent, and the new album, A Jagged Love Story which came out earlier this month.

Check out this classic song, The Way That You Talk, and let us know what other early work from 90s R&B artists you want to revisit.