New Video: Jagged Edge - How to Fix It

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Jagged Edge has had a busy 2020 with their new album A Jagged Love Story (be sure to check out our Jagged Love Story review). In their effort to continue to promote the album, they've now released a new single for the song How To Fix It.

When we reviewed the album, we weren't afraid to admit our disappointment in the sameness feeling that a lot of the songs gave us. However, the group was at their best when they embraced their strengths in the mid-tempo ballads. Fortunately, How To Fix It is just that, and was one of the songs we called out as the album's top tracks.

Jagged Edge sound good on this track, hitting some with lyrics about loyalty to their women. They confess to being weak at times in the relationship, but pledge to do everything they can to fix the situation. The chorus goes:

Don't know what I'm supposed to do,
Gave you my loving, I took my cues from you
But you can blame it all on me. I did some things it's true
Just tell me how to fix it

The video is fairly simple with the guys performing on a stage (at a rehearsal set up at the beginning as one of the guy's girls gets upset that she isn't getting the attention from him like the band does). Intermixed with clips of attractive women with the guys, the video is good enough.

Overall, Jagged Edge has been hustling this year and it's great to see them keeping music alive. Check out the video, as well as the past two from the album, Genie and Decided and let us know what you think!