New video: India Arie - Rollercoaster

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Last year, India Arie released the album Worthy to much appeal. In the time since then, she has put out a number of singles and music videos promoting the album. This week, we got the latest addition with a lyric video for the song Rollercoaster.

The song was written by Page Lackee Martin and produced by Shannon Sanders. It's interesting to hear the song now as Rollercoaster is hitting hard on social issues. The first line of the song is "This just in, another talented young black man just lost his life sitting on his couch." and later on it says "And Colin Kaepernick's knee got y'all losin' y'all mind?"

India Arie's Rollercoaster came out in early 2019 but the song feels truer by the day. The delivery is infectious, almost reminding me of a Ceelo Gren song. It's catchy and fun, while also punching on the topics of today. "Let me off this rollercoaster, I don't wanna ride no more" is delivered with such a fun style it makes a nice juxtaposition to the seriousness of the topic.

The video is part of the recent trend of lyric videos. With the coronavirus, it has been hard to film new music videos. Instead, artists have been leveraging lyric videos which use graphics and effects playing with the words to add flavor to it. I actually really enjoy this style of video as most music videos don't offer much anyway. With the lyric videos, it gives more attention to the words themselves and often has more relevance to the song itself. Watching the chorus roll aout as if it were a rollercoaster is fun and engaging.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of these new lyrics videos and India Arie's Rollercoaster.