En Vogue returns at the Billboard Music Awards

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The world might be different right now, but the Billboard Music Awards happened recently and tried their best to return a sense of normalcy to things. The show took place on October 14, 2020, and featured a number of performances, some from big stages, some from artists homes. Most notably for our site, the show featured a performance by the group En Vogue, as they performed their song "Free Your Mind."

The Billboard Music Awards seem to have a tradition most years of featuring a classic artist amidst their performances. 2019 had a Paula Abdul medley, 2018 had Salt-N-Pepa (and the aforementioned En Vogue), and years prior had featured Cher, Stevie Wonder, Prince and more. It's always cool to see great artists from years past, especially when they're able to show they still got it.

This year's performance of Free Your Mind by En Vogue felt especially appropriate as the entire show had a heavy political undertone. Higher Love, Courage To Change, and especially Demi Lovato's Commander in Chief all commented on the world today.

But lets get to the most important part, how did En Vogue look and sound? They performed on an awesome stage with a futuristic black sheen. The women sounded great and delivered the lyrics with a strong punch. It definitely sounded like the women were performing with heart. Listening to them perform, it's amazing to think how old this song is and yet it feels ever more relevant in our current environment.

Check out the performance and see these ladies crush it.