New Video: BeBe Winans - Black Lives Matter

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Over the last month, we've spotlighted a number of new songs that have been speaking about social change. Tracks like Usher's I Cry and Trey Songz How Many Times touched on the difficult times we live in, with videos that showcased the protests that have gone on. With a slow news week as we await Brandy's B7 album, we figured we would catch up on some missed songs.

In June, BeBe Winans released a song Black Lives Matter. He followed it up in early July with a music video for the song. It's a powerful track that grows throughout, building up until it feels like Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech in musical form.

BeBe Winans began working on the song in April 2015 when Freddie Gray was killed. Sadly, that was not an isolated incident, and with the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, BeBe Winans was inspired to finish the song. And thus, the song Black Lives Matter was born.

The song was written and produced by BeBe Winans, with the video produced by Quantasy & Associates. The video showcases the protests that have erupted around the world, and the song features sharp lyrics like

In hope of saving lives we hold dear See it's the right to live we're after Want to trade these tears for laughter

The song is worth checking out showcasing BeBe Winans tremendous blend of gospel and R&B. If you like it, buying it will go to good causes. The sales from the song will go to Black Lives Matter Organization and the Equal Justice Initiative. It's great to see these kind of artists speaking out and putting the money where their mouth is.

The video is more of a slideshow than a vidoe, but the images and short clips it includes are powerful images. Brief clips of BeBe singing are overlain on top of the performance. Spend some time, watch the video, and let us know what you think!