New Video: Avant - Can We Fall In Love

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Avant is back with a new single and music video, Can We Fall in Love. The track is from the album with the same name and is very much standard Avant sounds.

The video for the song is a creative animation. It's funny to watch a video that is animated but designed to still look just like a regular music video. Watching the video, I can imagine Avant sitting in the house reflecting, trying to seduce the woman he's after. The track alludes to the crazyness of the world and how we need to just put it aside for love.

The song itself is typical Avant style. It doesn't blow me away. Vocally, Avant is always competent but just doesn't have that magical punch that makes me invested. Lyrically, the track is good enough.

Avant is always an interesting character to me. But the one thing to say about him is he consistently delivers. Check out the song below and let us know what you think!