Song of the Week: A Few Good Men - Tonite

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This week for song of the week, we wanted to feature A Few Good Men and their song "Tonite."

A Few Good Men was the premiere group on LaFace records in the early 1990s. Paired with Babyface and his R&B hit generating talents, they were given a lot of opportunity early on. When LaFace released their LaFace Christmas album, A Few Good Men were featured heavily, appearing on three tracks, including the single "Silver Bells."

Their first album, A Thang For You, didn't see tremendous success, but their second album, Take A Dip, propelled them much more into the spotlight. The biggest single was Have I Never, which had the benefit of being penned by Babyface. It reached #76 on the Hot 100 and topped out at #32 on the R&B charts.

However, the song we wanted to spotlight was Tonite. While a smaller single, it reached #44 on the R&B charts. It's a fun, up-tempo track that works great in the car and has you bobbing your head. As if it wasn't good enough on its own, it features a sample from Slick Rick. It's a great track that shows the group can handle the up-tempo songs as effectively as the slow ones.

The music video for the song fits the style of the performance. Throughout, we see the guys in a club setting enjoying themselves having a good time. However, what I like even more than the club shots, I like seeing the guys performing in front of lights. Seeing the guys in the matching sport coats, it's just a classic 90s R&B group look.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. A Few Good Men are solidly in that 2nd tier of R&B guy groups that never quite blew up, but had the right ingredients. If they had the right songs and the right amount of luck, it could have exploded.