New Video: Shawn Stockman - All I Do

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Okay, this news post is more of a double news story. While we had the site down, Shawn Stockman went and released an album, Foreword. I feel like we had been waiting like 25 years for this event to happen, and it finally did! Honestly, that's cool enough of an event on its own that I will say that I brought this site back solely to celebrate that release.

But anyways, Shawn Stockman's Foreword release is now old news to the core 90s R&B heads as the album came out in April. But what is news for everyone, is that he released a new music video for the single All I Do. The music video is a quiet, low key experience, but it is well executed, featuring a black and white Shawn Stockman singing in the grass. The video opens with a dedication to Shawn's wife as well as to all women out there. It's super classy and a great message to put out there.

Overall, the song is a nice toast to women. He offers his thanks to his wife and his appreciation for her. It's a touching song featuring all of Shawn's great vocals. However, the song is a bit boring to me.

And since we missed it on its release, the album features 11 tracks:

  1. Come Wit Me
  2. Goin'
  3. Secrets
  4. Feelin Lil Som'n
  5. Been Too Long
  6. Shawn Na Na
  7. Left Right
  8. Don't Spare My Heart
  9. All I Do
  10. Me
  11. Breathin'

One thing I am bummed about the album, is I would like it to feature some of the great songs Shawn Stockman made over the years. Visions of a Sunset, If You Were a Boy, and Condition of My Heart were great songs. Maybe he was afraid they were dated now? Or didn't have the rights to them? Either way, I would have loved to see them fill the album out more.

Whatever your thoughts on all of it, you can see the video for All I Do below.