New Album: Jagged Edge - A Jagged Love Story

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Update: You can now read our review of Jagged Love Story.

Popular R&B group Jagged Edge is out with a new album, A Jagged Love Story. Packed with a tremendous 31 songs, the album is the biggest album yet by the group. It is also their second independent release, after their last album, Layover came out in 2017.

A Jagged Love Story has had a lengthy journey to get here. While its three year gap since their last album is the norm for the group, the album has had a number of delays. It was first set to release on Jul 15, 2019. And then was pushed back to Fall 2019. Then during their Verzuz battle with 112, Jagged Edge teased that A Jagged Love Story would be released on June 15th. That of course then became July 28th, which then became July 31st but WHATEVER! The album is now out! So it's not about the journey in this case, it's about that album we got from it.

The album has had a number of singles along the way, with the most recent being Seasons of Us which we featured recently. That single was produced by Bryan-Michael Cox and showcased the group's traditional sound.

With the long journey to release, Jagged Edge has released a number of singles prior to Seasons of Us. The first for the album was "Closest Thing to Perfect."

They followed that track up with Genie. The singles continued to reaffirm the group's classic sound and their dedication to seeing the album through to the finish.

As time went on, the group put out another video, this time for the song Decided. Released on June 17, this video was released in the heart of quarantine and featured several references to the pandemic.

Overall, it has been a long journey to the release of Jagged Edge's A Jagged Love Story, but it has been worth it. With 31 songs on the album, the group has given us a lot to listen to here. And with the chaos of the last few months, it is great that Jagged Edge has been able to stick it out and keep us entertained with consistently good music.

Check out the album, and enjoy all the videos above if you haven't seen them yet. They haven't released a video for Seasons of Us yet, but given their track record, we'll likely see one in the next few months. Let us know what you think of the new album!