New Video: 112 - Spend It All

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112 has finally released their anticipated single Spend It All. During the group's Verzuz with Jagged Edge, they had announced that the song Spend It All would be released on June 5th. However, with the turmoil in the country at the time, 112 announced that the single would be delayed and encouraged everyone to spend time with their families.

The song is the lead single for the group's upcoming album, 112 Forever: Slim and Mike. However, as the album title reveals... 112 is now just 2 people. Daron and Q Parker are no longer part of the group (and were also absent from the aforementioned Verzuz with Jagged Edge). In terms of the quality of the song, it's fine. It doesn't bring much new to the table, but the guys sound good and seem to be having fun with it.

The video is similar in style. With the pandemic going on, it definitely looks like they kept things lean for the video. But the guys look like they're having fun as they're out on the water.

On their official instagram, the guys of 112 have made several posts promoting the new song. Check it out below, and let us know what you think. For me, I'll be pouring one out, hoping we one day are able to see the whole group back together again.