New Album: 112 - 112 Forever: Slim & Mike

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Update: Read our review of 112 - Forever.

112, now comprised of Slim and Mike, have released their latest album together, titled 112 Forever: Slim & Mike. The EP has been jumping around in dates as the world battled a pandemic and then further delays due to some of the recent protests after the Jacob Blake shooting but it is finally here.

We have been covering the road to the new release, as the two men have released two singles for the album thus far. The first, Spend It All, was more of a feel good song with a mid-tempo delivery. They followed it up with their song on social justice, For Us. With the diversity in the two tracks, it will be interesting to listen to the rest of the album and see what it consists of.

You can view the full track listing of the album on our album page for 112 Forever. We'll also be updating the page with our review of the album this weekend as we give it a few playthroughs.

It has been a bit messy following along with this album. I was already unsure how to process Q. Parker and Daron Jones being left off the album, and the remaining members having their names printed on the album makes it feel like they're not afraid to recognize this divide. In addition, the album's shifting dates and sudden release feels hard to grapple with. Adding in that there are only four other tracks on the album besides the two singles released thus far, and it's just a lot to take in. Still, we're excited that the group is continuing their efforts and we wish them the best.

You can watch the video for "For Us" below. Let us know what you think of the new album and how you feel about groups continuing on in smaller forms!