New Music: 112 - Spend It All ft Fatman Scoop and 69 Boyz

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112 has been busy in 2020, doing everything they can to promote their album 112:Forever. They have released single videos for Looking for Love, For Us, and Spend it All. They're continuing this promotion with a remix of Spend It All.

This new version of Spend It All is like the after hours version of the song. It features Fatman Scoop and 69 Boyz, and production by Lucky Calhoun and Mr. Collipark. I don't know who those guys are, but one of them basically just shouts over the track about different dollar bill sizes. The other of the two adds a rap verse which is fine, but it doesn't really enhance the track. The production doesn't really have much extra to complement this new verison.

The video is also raunchy. It starts featuring scantily clad women pole dancing while the guys hang out in a club. It then moves on to a dance off out in a public area. It's fine, but the track seems to lose the message of treating a girl like she's the best and spending everything you can to take care of her.

Overall, this track just demeans the past tracks by the guys. I was underwhelmed by the album release, but when you compare it to this remix, the album seems like a perfect record. Listen to the song here, and then check out our review of Forever. Let us know what you think!