The Return of Solo - Video Retrospective

The Return of Solo - Video Retrospective

With R&B group Solo's recent return to R&B, we figured we would help get you guys caught up on the group's classic sound. When Solo came out in 1995, they caught everyone by surprise with their bass that they brought on stage and their throwback delivery. With their debut album achieving gold status and two top ten R&B hits, Solo was a strong force in the industry. You can read more about the group at Solo's YouTube, Solo's Site

Solo Live Performances

Old School Medley

One of Solo's biggest attractions on their debut album was the variety of old schools they covered with great performances. From Under the Boardwalk to What a Wonderful World, these 30 second interludes spread throughout the album quickly became crowd favorites.

A Change is Gonna Come - Live in Tokyo

While Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come is regularly covered by artists, nobody can do it quite like Solo. With their soulful sound insprired from the R&B groups of the 1950s and 1960s, the group captures the heart of the song like no one but Sam Cooke previously could.

Heaven Live on tour with R Kelly

Solo got great coverage while on tour with R Kelly and Notorious BIG. During the tour, the group performed the tremendous song Heaven, which reached #7 on the R&B charts and #49 on the Hot 100.

Solo Music Videos


Where Do You Want Me To Put It

He's Not Good Enough

Touch Me