Joi Marshall: Life After Jade

Joi Marshall

The early 90s were the golden days of R&B music, with female groups dominating the charts. Between 1990 and 1993, the world was introduced to many hot new female groups including SWV, Xscape, and En Vogue.

One of the groups that stood out from the rest was Jade, comprised of members Tonya Kelly, Joi Marshall and Di Reed. The girls had talent and enthusiasm, and upon the release of their debut album, Jade To The Max, a platinum selling album.

In the girls' two album run, they scored many hits, with the group's biggest number, 'Don't Walk Away' reaching #4 on the Hot 100 and going gold. Many people may also recognize the group for such popular songs as 'Looking For Mr. Do Right,' 'One Woman,' '5-4-3-2 (Yo! Time IS Up)' and 'Every Day Of The Week.'

Mind, Body & Soul
In their two album career, Jade had a platinum album, 3 top 20 hits on the Hot 100, and 6 top 20 hits on the R&B charts.

Unfortunately, the group called it quits after their album 'Mind, Body & Song' in 1994, tired of their label's abuse and its mismanagement of their funds.

I was able to get in touch with Joi, who kindly agreed to do an interview about her time in the group Jade, as well as to provide us with updates on the going-ons of the other girls.

Since the group's split, Joi has written a book about the music industry. Titled 'Answers to the 20 Most Asked Questions about the Music Business,' the book is Joi's effort to prevent young artists from making the same mistakes that Jade had made.

In addition, Joi has an album in the works, expected to come out later this year. Blending gospel and R&B, Joi will be blessing the world with her beautiful vocals once again. But don't take my word for it all, find out what Joi has to say about her and the other members experiences.

Interview With Joi Marshall

Hi Joi, to get things started, can you give us a brief overview of what you're doing today in life after Jade?

Well, I just signed a new deal with Amen Records/EMI Gospel for my Urban Inspirational/ R&G album 'Testimony & Praise.' It will be released on September 25th. and will be available everywhere.

Can you explain how this album came to be, and tell us a little about the direction you took on it?

I got together with Kip Wilson of the Machine Productions here in California and wrote and produced songs for the album. I wanted th album to have an R&B feel to it, and since Kip worked with Jaheim and many others in the business, I checked out his tracks, loved them, and decided to record with him.

The album is interesting in its style, described as being a 'Rhythm and Gospel' album. Do you see yourself ever returning to R&B music or do you plan on continuing with this style?

Well, I love music that inspires, so whether it's R&B or R&G, as long as the words mean something to me and I can encourage someone, then that's what I'll go with.

I saw on your MySpace, that you also wrote a book about the music industry, titled 'Answers to the 20 Most Asked Questions About the Music Business.' Can you give us a brief explanation as to what motivated you to write this book? Do you have any suggestions to young artists looking to enter the business?

As I stated in the intro of the book, selling millions of records and still owing the label a million dollars motivated me to write the book. I suggest that young people AND their parents read my book. It's easy to understand and it's written for artists by an artist, so I believe I have a better take on what effects us. I wish more parents would understand the business so that they can look out for their kids, even if they have no desire to manage them. They can at least have a productive conversation with them.