Now You

Now You're Gone Lyrics

She didn’t write me a letter
She had to see me face to face
She said the way we are now
Couldn’t go on not one more day

I was heading out the window
And that’s when I heard the bang
So I quickly turned around
I fell to my knees and I prayed

Now you’re gone

So here I am as a hold up
With the life running down my hands
Even now, she’s so beautiful
I close my eyes and thought about how we began

It’s so painful to watch her
Her very last breath in my arms
I knew our relationship would end
But by no means, no not like this

[Chorus x 2]
Now you’re gone

So I gotta keep on living
God knows I miss you so
I feel guilty for some reason
As if it was all my fault

Then I hear a voice
So gentle
Telling me it’s going to be okay
She couldn’t handle the life
She gave up, it’s just not your fault

You’re still
You’re still gone