You Make The Difference

You Make The Difference Lyrics

I want to thank you for the flowers
And the little notes that say I love you
Special phone calls every hour
Boy, I'm hooked on those little things
The little things you do

It was my soul intention to find a love
A love unmentioned
That's when I turned to you without a doubt
In my mind
You made the difference in my life

Baby you make the difference
It's just like day and night
Baby, you make the difference
You make it all seem right

It's your love I'll always treasure
I'll be there for you 'til the very end
We took our time and found forever
I'm so glad I found, I found a love and a friend

You took my hurt away
When you entered the world, my world please stay
I never dreamed love could be
Love so sweet with you here next to me
Makes it all complete


Boy, having you in my life means everything
It's the joy we share together
And in my heart the love you give
Will always make the difference