What's My Name (Interlude) Lyrics

Come on girl pick it up,


Yo, what's up girl

Who this ?

This me

Oh, what's up baby
Why you ain't call me ?

Yeah you know, I'm just been a little busy
But you know I'm been thinking about you anyway, doll

What you been thinking about ?

You know, I was thinking,
maybe you and me get together tonight

and do what ?

and talk a little bit more

all we gonna do is talk?

Yeah, what's up

I ain't doing nothing, just taking care of these nappy....

(whisping) Damn, I gotta remember this girl name.

Anyway, my manager told me I got this lead part with them and I can't wait

hmm, say what ?

Are you listening to me ?

I'm listing to you sweet heart

Why won't you ever say my name ?

you know but you just..

What's my name

ah, baby come on stop trippin'

What's my name?

baby you know girl,

What's my name?

Come on now stop playin' with me

What's my name?

I dont know your name, but you're gonna come over?
(phone click)
What's Stephanie Number