Vibe Lyrics

(baby girl,
you know i'd never ask you to do anything that you wasen't ready to do,
see i realise,
that making love to your mind,
is much more important that making love to your body,
so sit yourself right down,
and listen to this)
(verse 1)
your shaking,
and your trembling,
why is it hard, for you to breath,
if your not ready,
please tell me,
coz theres no reason for you to leave,
stay with me 'n' vibe
vibeee to,
our favorite slow jam (yeah),
maxin' relaxin',
crusin' to our perfect atmosphere,
hot like the mood,
just me and you,
baby, i diggin' on,
(verse 2)
see i said i'd wait,
as long as it takes,
and you control how far,
we can go,
so relax your body,
and your mind,
see what alota men dont know,
we can make love,
without ever taking off our clothes! ooh!
baby theres something about the groove
(see theres something about the groove, ooh ooh),
and how it sets a certain mood,
(you see i can lay right here with you baby, all night, all day long baby)
theres so much more i wanna do
(soo much more i wanna do, yea yea yea yea yea),
baby all i wanna do it vibe with you!
(chrous x2)
(you see,
this song goes out to all the gentleman out there,
when you need sum1 to listen to ...?...
coz the mind is first,
and if you put the body last)
it'll b all good,
all good,
all good,
all good,
when you jammin' to our favorite slow jam,
when your crusin' in the perfect atmosphere(yeah yea),
hot liek the mood (hot like it),
just bein with you baby,
baby im diggin on,
diggin on,
diggin on ya body
and its somet 'bout ya groove,
shabba shabba tweet tweet tweet,
and the groove would mean nothing with out you baby,
and its something about the groove, ooh, ooh, ooh yea !
and all i wanna do is... (chorus till fade)