Temperature Lyrics

Unexpectedly, started touching me
Thought it bothered me, but it made me weak
It's only suppose to be, instead of need a creep
But ya rubbin me makes me 1 0 3
I can see the steam on my back window
Gotta cool it down, don't want the neighbours to know
We've only just begun
Cause you make my temperature rise up

When you touch and you rub and you hug and you hold me slowly
You make my temperature rise up
When you kiss both my lips on my hips and you pull me closely
You make my temperature rise up
Cause you show me, through it only
That flirting will only will make my temperature rise up
And I can't get enough

I just can't believe, got me trembling
Now I'm giving in to your every wish
How'd it come like this, we were only friends
That's what I'm thinking by surrendering
Now you show me babe, that I've never seen
And I'll never part, you have this much to bring
If you don't tell, you could be the one


I never thought that you'd be the one
I never knew you felt me this me this way
How could a friendship turn to love
You got me where you started
Touching me (touching me)
And rubbin me (rubbin me)
Holding me (holding me)
Creating this heat
Got me temperture rises so much
Boy I think I'm in love

Oh ....
Yea yea yea yea
Oh ....
Oh yea
Boy you got me

CHORUS till fade