She Wants You

She Wants You Lyrics

Here's the day I've been waiting on
NFL on Sunday morn'
But you know we need to talk right now
Not right now the TV is on
Move outta the way
The National Anthem is coming on
If it's the National Anthem you want
Kelly let it wait
Here it is
Woman if you don't go in there
And get me my beer and leave me alone
And I thought I made it clear
Please don't start this again
Told you to get her out of there
I told you she was just a friend
Came through your house last night
And her bags were still there, oh
Oh damn

Kelly Price-
She wants you
And baby I'm not fooled
She wants you
So don't you play the fool
You say she's just a friend
But I can see straight through
Baby I'm not having it

Ooh, a true friend indeed
She was just a friend in need
She called to you just for help

She said she didn't have no one else
But I know that something's wrong
I felt it while we were on the phone
Cause she's looking for love
And she's looking at you
I recognize the game boy


No, no, no, no, no
Just you and me
Until this came to be, hmm
We never had an argument
Until the day you took her in, yeah
My love this is killing me (Yes it is)
The web she weaves, oh, underhanded schemes
But I can see what you don't see
I've been here before
And I won't take no more


No, no never gonna play fool
Never gonna play a fool no more
Like in Friend Of Mine, no not this time
Never gonna let another one take what's mine