Just Can

Just Can't Go On Lyrics

We've been through so much
Felt so much pain
When I'm going through fire
Your love is like the rain
That's why I need you and love you so much
Come hold me, Consul, Girl I need your touch

I never imagined A love so unique
I can hear angels each time you speak
It feels like heaven
This piece in my life
And when you are here you make things alright

And I feel you love runnin through my veins
There's no life without you do you feel the same
Life is too short
So let's not play games
Nothing else matters before you care

Say that you love me
Swear that you care
Promise forever that you'll always be there
Grow old with me
Let's journey on
Without you with me girl I just can't go on

Now this might sound crazy
It just might sound strange
When I'm alone I 'm calling your name
I go through your door
When you're awake
You are my life now
I need to be safe

God sent me an angel
Straight from above
Who's wise as a serpant
As soft as a dove

Sometimes I fall short
And I get so weak
But you saw my falls
And felt my needs

Whenever you're scared
And need someone near
I'm right beside you
There's no need to fear
I'll be your shoulder
Whenever you cry
Without you with me girl I'll surely die


I just can't go on
We might have our struggle
We may evem fight
But we struggle for lovin, babe
And everything's alright
Whoever it is
The weather goes strong
Babe don't take
I just can't, I just can't,
I just can't go on

Chorus till fade