Innocent Man

Innocent Man Lyrics

If everyone else had my eyes
Then, who I am wouldn't be a surprise
Just because I'm locked up don't mean I'm fucked up in the game
Just to think the motha dirt they trying to throw on my name
Get arrested ? getting arrested don't make me guilty
But by the time I make it to court
The media dun' killed me
Gotta good heart but we all do wrong
I really mean well but I'm going too strong
You say I'm rehabilitated, but I still can't vote
You say I paid my debt but I still can't vote
Gotta pay taxes but I still can't vote
Come on dawg ya'll stay trying to keep a nigga broke
You just as crooked as us, fuck you trying to say
Cause once I pay that dough, the charges go away
Forget about it - It's ok!
Cause I'm a walk over here and let the lord pave my way ? Aight