I Live Here Now

I Live Here Now Lyrics

Verse i
She couldnt take it anymore
So she got to steppin out the door
So many years you beat her down
Now youve got another one
Better straighten up
Theres a new girl in town
I live here now
The other woman had to leave
Cuz she was trippin
Now the right one has your keys
I live here now
And Ill never take from you the things she took
That just wont do

Verse ii
So many years she lived for you
So many tears she cried them too (she wet the pillow)
So many memories that wont erase yes
But shes never comin back
Dont you look for her
Cuz Ive taken her place
I cant be that woman who let you break her down
I cant be that woman who let you make her frown
Cuz now I see that I deserve better than youve given me
And more I deserve more, I deserve more!