I Don

I Don't Care Lyrics

Tell me what the deal is
What's going on?
Why yo peeps don't like me?
They I ain't that one
They say I live life
Jitterbug to the bone
How they gon' talk bout me
Better leave me alone
It's kinda crazy
Cause they know that your my baby
Tryin to make ghost like swayze
But you'll forever be my lady

I don't care
What your momma say
What you father say
What brother say
I'm gonna love you anywayz

Your peeps say they seen me
Hangin out in the streets
Swinging with the project ladies
And the ghetto freaks
How they gon' talk bad
bout my family
Jojo, Ray-Ray, Keisha, and my cousin Malik

I'm there when you holla
Whatever you need got it
Sure nough' treat you proper
Tryin to be your baby dada


You never have to worry
I'm gonna be right there
Just put your trust me yeah
They just don't know me
They can't speak for me
They gotta get to know me, Yeah

Chorus till fade