Happiness Lyrics

I dont believe what Im hearin
You cant impress me by what you show me
Dont think I am goin through changes
Or you might see me change for the last time

Having a bad day
Better deal with it
If youre playin games
No time for it
If youre bringin pain
Gonna run from it
Dont mess up my day

Im the only one whos responsible
For me havin fun
And you cant change that

Happiness is what my lifes about
Happiness no I cant do without
Happiness nothing can stop me now
Through ups and downs Im still happy

Life is as good as I make it
I cant sit while you make it for me
I like those jewels you gave me
But I wanna buy some jewels for myself
To lose the ball and chain
Gotta reach for it
Nothin comes for free
Gotta reach for it
No Im not gonna have to depend on you

Im the only one
Whos responsible
For me having fun
And you cant take my


Written by james harris iii/terry lewis/john smith